Bosnia: Renewable Energy power generation in 128 facilities

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Electricity from renewable sources in BiH is producing in 128 manufacturing facilities. Although, an obligation of Energy Community member countries is that they should participate with energy from renewable sources in total production 20 percent by 2020, the renewable sources in BIH participate with more than 30 percent.

In the Federation, the production takes place in 100 objects, while in the RS the energy produces in 28 facilities.

As we were said in the Regulatory Commission for Electricity FBiH, the production was carried out in two public companies (PE Electric Power Industry of BIH Sarajevo and PE Electric Power Industry HZHB, Mostar) and 57 manufacturing facilities, which are owned by three independent power producers-industrial power plants and 43 independent, qualified power producers (producers from renewable energy sources).

Combined units
Production from independent producers – industrial power plants is realized in amount of 5.06 GWh, or 0.05 percent of total electricity production in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from independent producers – qualified manufacturer in amount of 90.95 GWh, or 0, 92 per cent of total electricity production in the Federation.
In economic appropriately way, as well in accordance with the environmental protection measures, Regulatory Commission provides a status of eligible producer to electricity producers, which in a single unit uses waste or renewable energy or deal with combined production of thermal and electric energy.
“As of today, 43 electric power enterprises obtained the status of eligible producer. Independent producers – eligible producers in the Federation of BiH generates electricity in 57 power plants for renewable energy and efficiency cogeneration (facilities OIEiEK) as follows: an unit for the production of heat and electric energy by using landfill gas, 34 small hydropower plants, 21 solar power plants and one small wind power unit, ” a source in the FERC said.
Nine solar power plants
Total production of electricity from plants OIEiEK in 2007 amounted to 33.46 GWh, 39.90 in 2008, 86.04 in 2010, 51.11 in 2011, 59.41 in 2012, 90.95 GWh in 2013.
According to data from Regulatory Commission for electricity of the Republic of Srpska, electricity production from renewable sources is carrying out in 11 hydroelectric power plants, which have power of more than one megawatt. At the same time, electricity is producing in eight small hydro and nine solar power plants.

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