Bosnia: The first phase of the expropriation of property on site construction of HPP “Vranduk” in Zenica completed

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“Electric Power Industry of BiH” completed the first phase of the expropriation of property on site of construction of HPP “Vranduk” in the Municipality of Zenica. Having solved the relations with the former owners, by mutual agreement and with mutual satisfaction, “Electric Power Industry of BiH” took over four properties in the area of Vranduk local community, including housing, construction land under buildings, agricultural and forest land. “Electric Power Industry of BiH” is in the first stage of the procedure agreed and implemented to enter the property, with the six owners of expropriated property, according to the website of the state-owned company.

In the expropriation proceedings a total of 10 property owners in the proposed expropriation was identified.

For this purpose, “Electric Power Industry of BiH” has allocated 1.3 MEUR. On the basis of issued municipal expropriation decisions and concluded agreements on compensation, as well as decisions on the priority right of use for the construction of certain land, has so far paid 196.690 EUR to property owners.

The expropriation of property for the purpose of construction of HPP “Vranduk” is carried out in accordance with the Law on Expropriation, and after the Government of the Federation adopted decisions establishing the public interest to build more power plants, among which HE “Vranduk” is a priority.

Start of construction of HPP “Vranduk” on the Bosna River, with installed capacity 19.63 MW is planned in 2014.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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