Bosnia: TSO company contracted 15MEUR for grid modernization

, SEE Energy News

The Company “Elektroprenos BiH” signed more than 45 contracts in the first three months of this year with companies from BiH and neighborhood for the implementation of various projects with a total value of about 15 MEUR.

“Elektroprenos BiH” signed contracts worth 15 MEUR. It signed a contract with a consortium “Elektroenergetika BL” in March for the construction of substations Laktasi 2, worth 1,6 MEUR, which should be completed and put into operation in the second half of next year, it was announced from “Elektroprenos BiH”.

This consortium will also perform work on the construction of a 110kilovolt transmission fields to Kotor Varos in the substation Ukrina whose value is165 000 EUR, and it is responsible for the procurement and installation of protection and management cabinets, and the equipment needed to complete transformer fields 220 and 110-kilovolt second transformer of the substation Trebinje.

This year will begin the reconstruction of transmission lines Mostar 4 – Siroki Brijeg and Siroki Brijeg- Grude, the total value of 1.27 MEUR, which will be done by a consortium Transmission Line Mostar and Transmission Line Zagreb, with whom the contract was signed in March as the best bidder in the conducted tender while the deadline for the work completion is nine months.

The important contracts were also concluded in the previous month with a consortium made by the Company Komel from Sarajevo and Macedonian Inzenjering DASS from Ohrid to repair the transmission line transformer station Sarajevo 1 – substation Visoko and transmission substation Sarajevo 20 – Substation Sarajevo 13, with a total value of 277 081 EUR .

Another contract that “Elektroprenos BiH” signed with these companies is related to the procurement of materials and equipment, and performance of planning and reconstruction of the transmission line transformer station Sarajevo 1 – substation Sarajevo 10, for what will be allocated 251555 EUR.

A contract on the rehabilitation of transmission line Sarajevo 20 – Buk Bijela, which will cost about 773MEUR, also was signed in March, and entrusted to the company Energomontaza Belgrade.

The company Lanako Banja Luka has been committed by the contract signed in March that it would deliver and install IT infrastructure for ERP business environment in the next half year, which has a total value of 1,26 MEUR.

From “Elektroprenos” say they will continue to invest in the transmission network also in the future, as well as in reconstruction and replacement of obsolete equipment in order to provide greater security in the consumers supply.