Bosnia/Republika Srpska: Electricity price will not go up, stable production from power gen facilities in 2014

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While the electric power industries in the regional states announce an increase in price, the electricity price in Republika Srpska will not be changed, according to the “Electric Power Industry of RS”.

“At this moment none of the companies in our band submitted the request to the RS Energy Regulatory Commission for implementation the tariff proceeding and energy price changes, so the prices that have been unchanged from January 1st, 2010th still are in the use”, say from the “Electric Power Industry of RS”.

They add that the electricity price for businesses in RS is the lowest in the Europe, while only Serbia has a lower electricity price for households than RS. We recall, from August 1st, the electricityprice in Montenegro will be higher for two percent, while in Serbia itis considered how much electricity priceshouldincrease.

Otherwise, the time after the flood was used for the rehabilitation of the distributionnetwork and the restoration of supply of electricity to all customers in the RS, and collecting damages that crossed 30 million marks.

“Using the World Bank methodology, it was done a financial assessment of damage on power plants and equipment, and the totaldamage was estimated at15, 5 MEUR, ofwhich 9, 3 MEUR within the jurisdictionof the company ”Elektrodoboj”,4, 9 MEUR in the area of jurisdiction of company “Elektrobijeljina”, while the rest is related to the companies”Elektrokrajina” andElektrodistribucija Pale”, these are data of “Electric Power Industry of RS”. According to the type of equipment, measuring devices most suffered at which was recorded damage of 4, 3 MEUR.

However, in addition to damages, in terms of hydrology and electricityproduction in May and June, higher rainfall than average has led to a certain increase in the production on the flow hydropower plants Visegrad and Bocac, where was produced about 50 percent electricity over the plan for those two months.

“We have placed 848.23 gigawatt-hours of electricity in a free market in the first six months of 2014thand generated revenues of 33, 5 MEUR”, say in the” Electric Power Industry of RS”.

The overhauls of manufacturing facilities are underway, as well as preparation for upcoming repairs, which, according to them, are going by planneddynamics.

“The overhaul in the thermal power plant “Ugljevik” has been completed and the overhaul in thermal powerplant “Gacko” is currently underway. In “Ugljevik”came toanoverhaul prolongation due to the noted deficiencies, but after a successful remediation, TPP is fully operating prepared. The overhaulof one aggregate in HPP Visegrad is underway and in hydropower plant on the Trebisnjica River overhaul is postponed to September and October”, according to the “Electric Power Industry of RS”, adding the preparations for repairs in hydropower pants “Bocac”are underway.

Decline in production in FBiH

Electricity production in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina amounted to 4,260 GWhin the first five monthsthis year, and ithas decreasedby12.8 percent compared to the same period in 2013th, according to data from the FBiHBureau of Statistics.

In the HPPswere produced 1,627 gigawatt-hoursin the first five months, which is 30.8 percent less than in the same period last year, or a record year when it was produced 2,657 gigawatt-hours. On the other hand, in the mentioned period there was an increase of electricity production inthermal power plants of about 18 percent, from 2,232 gigawatt-hours to 2633 gigawatt-hours.