Bosnia/Republika Srpska: HPP Dabar construction on time, HPPs power gen stable

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Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic said in Trebinje that the company “HPPs on Trebisnjica” achieves good production results and a significant profit, and that has a very important role in the overall “Electric Power Industry” system, as well as in the economic life of Republika Srpska.

After talks with HET management Cvijanovic commended the company management, noting that last year was very good according achieved results in the electricity production and that, according to the present indicators the trend of good business would also continue this year.

“This is a great system that employs 630 workers, pays good wages and settles all obligations, so it is very clear how important is the maintenance and viability of the energy sector and how integrated is “Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska” at the local level and not only at the national”, said Cvijanovic.

She added that she with the leadership spoke about the importance of the second phase implementation of HPP “Dubrovnik”, as well about the capital project of HPP”Dabar” whose implementation is underway.

Cvijanovic pointed to the well-organized employees in the HET during the May floods, and praised the commitment and help in manpower and moneyto the flooded area.

HET Director Gordan Miseljic said that this company met monthly electricity production plans and the production currently was 13 percent above the plan.

In HET also point out that according to the current results it isalso expected that the annual plan of electricity generation of 1,078 gigawatt-hoursbe completed.

Miseljic pointed out that numerous activities including contracts with “the Croatian Electric Power Industry” on the construction of the second phase of HPP “Dubrovnik”were planned, stating that he expected that they would be completed to mutual satisfaction.

He said the debt issue of”Croatian Power Industry” to HET would be re-raised, which since 1994th amounted to several hundred million KM.

Miseljic pointed out that the works on the project HPP”Dabar”, which HET financed with 70 percent and “Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska with 30 percent,were carried out as it was planned, noting that, among other things, the access roads and other necessary works were done​​.

“According to previous results, we expect also to be completed the annual plan of electricity generation of 1,078 gigawatt-hours”, said Markovic.

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