Bosnia/Republika Srpska: Increase of 600MW output power in TPP ‘’Gacko’’ and “Ugljevik” provided bigger electricity production

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Government of Republika Srpska and Electric Power Industry of Srpska (ERS), with investments in thermal power plant and coal mine enabled for thermal power plants ‘’Gacko’’ and “Ugljevik” to increase their annual production of electric energy by 300 MW each, in the last seven years.

Borivoje Vujicic, Executive director for electricity generation and development in TPP ‘’Gacko’’ says that recent analysis in these thermal power plants showed an increase in electricity generation as of 2007, stating that ‘’Gacko’’ and “Ugljevik” didn’t accomplish their annual plans of 1.600 gigawatt-hours respectively annually, since their opening in 2007.

‘’Taking into account that electricity generation in electric power system of Srpska is basically from thermal power plants and facing the situation when accomplishment of electricity generation plan were considerable under projections, with unstable functioning, the Government of Srpska and ERS made a detailed analysis on how to stabilize and increase electricity generation from thermal power plants’’, said Vujicic, who is also a member of Supervisory board of Mine and Thermal power plant ‘’Ugljevik’’.

This way, he added, thermal power plants set a new record in electricity generation and a new record in time of operation on the network, compared to the period prior to 2007.

Owing it to stable operation of thermal power plants, electric power system of Republika Srpska is stable and dependable regardless of the hydrological situation and water inflow in hydro power plants’ accumulations, highlights Vujicic.

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