Bosnia/Republika Srpska: Power generation results for 2014

, SEE Energy News

“Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska” produced 5 million 655 gigawatt hours of electricity in 2014th , which is about 40 gigawatt hours more than the planned amount and we can be extremely pleased with this fact, stated Blagoje Supic, Executive Director for Economic and Financial Affairs of that company.

He adds that the distribution losses are only about 12%, which is lower than the losses from the regulator side; these losses were more than twice increased since the beginning of this millennium and amounted to 26%.
– Reducing distribution losses of only 1% on income from 350 to 400 MEUR amounts to a saving of 3.5 to 4 million per year, and this is not little – adds Supic.

Although the power distribution companies within EPRS suffered damage in the amount of over 30 MEUR during the May flood, Supic adds that those distributions that were not directly threatened by water immediately come to the aid, first in people, then in machinery, boats, and other equipment, which went from Herzegovina and other non-threatened regions to the “Elektro-Bijeljina” and “Elektro-Doboj” for urgent network repair.

– We are witnesses that the electricity was released into the houses before the water completely withdrew, because the solidarity was the most important in those moments when anyone who could help worked through the Solidarity Fund. So, more than 5 MEUR has been allocated – Supic stresses and adds that in this sense production companies set 400,000 EUR aside.

Floods, he says, influenced to the increase of the compensation for flooded land and use of natural resources in the full amount of 5 MEUR, which is an additional cost of “Electric Power Industry of RS”.