Bosnia/Republika Srpska:Invitation for the award of concession for the coal exploitation in Lopari and Ugljevik, The value of investments 136 MEUR

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Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining announced a public call for award of concessions for the coal exploitation on the deposit “Delici and Peljave-Tobut” in Ugljevik and Lopari, and value of the investment is 136 MEUR.

The project includes the opening of new mines in the bay, and the projected annual coal production is around 2.6 million tonnes. Exploited coal will be used for the coal supply to thermal power plant “Ugljevik 3”, which will be built by “Comsar energy RS”. The coal deposit has 117.05 million tons of geological reserves, of which 77.46 million tons are mineable reserves.

The deadline for bids submission is 30 days from the call publication, and concession is granted for a period of 30 years from the date of conclusion of the contract. The company “Comsar energy RS” filed initiative for award concession.

The bidder who submits on the call has duty as a guarantee to secure payment of the bid deposit of150 MEUR. Deposit of bidder selected as a concessionaire will be included in a one-time concession fee, while deposit will be refunded to those who are not selected. In case the bidder withdraws the offer after the deadline for bids submission, if do not comply with any of the conditions before the contract signing or withdraw from the conclusion of the concession contract, the deposit will not be returned him.

In the invitation was noted that the concessionaire obligation is to resolve property rights issues in the mining field, access roads and facilities for the coal transportation to TPP “Ugljevik 3”, and that the right to use land owned by RS will be regulated in detail by the concession contract.

– At the land privately owned, for which the concessionaire is unable to resolve property rights, will be implemented the expropriation proceeding and such land will be given to the concessionaire for concessions needs- is added in the call.

The bidder should draft and submit with the bid a feasibility study for award concession with the elements of the environmental protection assessment.

Concession fee

In the public invitation states that the concessionaire will have to pay the minimum concession fee.

It consists of a one-time fee for the right assignment of 271 MEUR, which is paid after the contract signing and compensation for the concession object use in the amount of 3.6 percent of the total annual revenue generated by performing concession activity.