Bulgaria, Average price of IBEX DAM 249.2 euros per MWh in March

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The volume of day-ahead trading on the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange IBEX in March 2022 amounted to 2.656 million MWh, which is 12.1% more than in February (2.369 million MWh), according to the monthly report of the stock exchange operator.

The average daily volume of trade increased by 1.3% on a monthly basis, to 85,684.5 MWh.

The average price of electricity for base load was 249.23 euros per MWh, which is 32.7% more than in the previous month (187.8 euros per MWh in February).

The average price for peak load increased by 25.6%, from 205.5 euros per MWh in February to 258.01 euros per MWh in March.

The average price for off-peak was 240.42 euros per MWh, which is 41.3% more on a monthly basis (compared to 170.09 euros per MWh in February).

The weighted average market price within the day, IBEX IDM, increased by 42.6% in March compared to February, from 184.22 euros per MWh to 262.73 euros per MWh.

The volume of trade on IBEX IDM increased by 1.4% in the same period, from 68,915 MWh in February to MWh 69,873 in March, according to the monthly report.

Source: ibex.bg