Bulgaria, Chiren underground gas storage is 21.6 % full

, SEE Energy News

According to data published by the Association of European Gas Storage Operators, the only Bulgarian gas storage facility at Chiren is currently 21.64 % full. It is fourth from the bottom of the list of EU countries in terms of working gas volume in storage.

It currently stores 1.26 TWh of natural gas. Its injection capacity is 34.10GWh/day and the withdrawal capacity 40.38 GWh/day. Statistics shows that on January 22, 2022, Chiren gas storage was 35 % full.

The European gas storage facilities hold 343.72

TWh and are 31.06 % full on average.

Portugal’s gas storage inventory is the largest, at 80.88 %, while Austria’s is the smallest, at 18.32 %. The second smallest is Croatia with 21.34 %, followed by Belgium, 21.57 %.

Energy expert Martin Vladimirov commented that Europe’s gas storage inventory is at very low level, some 20 % less than this time last year. Because of that, there is a real risk for supplies in the month and a half that remain until the end of the heating season in Europe, if Russia discontinues natural gas exports. He, however, does not see this as a likely scenario.

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