Bulgaria claims against CEZ and EVN

, SEE Energy News

“Checks made by the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) on the activities of the power distribution companies in Bulgaria continue. Up to present there have been four statements for established violations issued for CEZ and four statements for established violations issued for EVN,” said Yuliyana Ivanova, former chairperson of the SEWRC, speaking with journalists, FOCUS News Agency reporter informed.

Few days ago Ivanova handed in her resignation as SEWRC chairperson over a scandal with illegal online sale of cigarettes she was involved in.

Ivanova added that she would occupy the post of head of the Bulgarian energy watchdog until a new chairperson is appointed.
“At the moment we are working out statements for violations, we are making checks and probably this afternoon we will have new results and it will be made clear whether there are grounds for termination of the licenses of the power distribution companies,” Ivanova remarked.

The expert explained that one of the possible violations that could lead to termination of license, if detected, was whether the companies had really made the investments they had declared.

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