Bulgaria, Country is able to meet the needs of users for a month or longer

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Following the Russian notice on the suspension of natural gas supply to Bulgaria, Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov said that Bulgaria is able to meet the needs of users for a month or longer.

According to the Minister Nikolov, alternative supplies are available and Bulgaria hopes that alternative routes and supplies will also be secured at EU level.

He explained that Bulgaria received one letter from the Russian side with a proposal for a two-stage payment to grant the Russian demand for payment in rouble, after which Bulgaria sent a letter asking for clarification and warranties. A second letter from Russia did not answer any of the questions. Bulgaria has a full package of documents proving payment for supplies for this month, and that clearly shows that Gazprom has defaulted on its contract. He said that gas supply is being used as a political tool, adding that Bulgaria is not going to negotiate under pressure and give in to pressure.

Asked where Bulgaria will import gas from, given the current situation, Minister Nikolov said that he will not provide specific details on the ongoing procedures or tenders to guarantee transparency and allow Bulgargaz to achieve an optimal price. Achieving optimal price efficiency depends on having various supply channels, including conventional deliveries through Greece and Turkey or a liquefied gas terminal to balance things and secure the needed gas quantities, he said.

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