Bulgaria, Country is over 90 % dependent on Russian gas supply

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Although Bulgaria is over 90 % dependent on Russian gas supply, experts reassure that a possible crisis can be overcome.

According to Martin Vladimirov from the Center for the Study of Democracy, the government should take urgent measures to conclude special solidarity agreements in the event of a gas crisis with Greece, Romania and Turkey. Such agreements are part of the European Regulation on Security of Gas Supply and many member states have already concluded similar agreements with their neighbors. However, Bulgaria is not among them.

Then Bulgaria will be able to rely on gas supplies from neighboring countries. However, the purchase of liquefied gas will require swift action. If this does not happen in time, Bulgaria will not be able to negotiate the purchase of liquefied natural gas, because it is important to group several countries there so as to attract interest from large producers and large suppliers, especially the United States and Qatar.

According to the Chairman of Bulgarian Energy forum Ivan Hinovski, if a crisis arises, it will be overcome with supplies of liquefied natural gas from Greece.

Regarding the operation of district heating, they should be given priority, experts say, but their ability to work with fuel oil is limited, so further analysis must be made. Most district heating companies have carried out large-scale investment modernization programs. The old facilities using fuel oil have been eliminated.

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