Bulgaria, Country is planning to double the capacity booked at future LNG terminal in Alexandroupoli

, SEE Energy News

According to Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, the country is planning to double the capacity booked at future liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Alexandroupoli in northern Greece to 1 billion cubic meters.

The deal was agreed in principle after the meeting of President Radev with representatives of the terminal’s operators – Gastrade and Copelouzos Group. President Radev stressed that Alexandroupoli LNG terminal is crucial not only for deepening the strategic partnership between Bulgaria and Greece, but also for ensuring the stability of the Balkans and southeastern Europe.

He said that the future terminal must be linked as soon as possible to the Greece-Bulgaria gas interconnector, which should enter commercial operation on 1 October. This connection, as well as a link to Bulgaria’s sole underground gas storage at Chiren are important milestones in implementing the European Union’s plan for energy security and independence, REPowerEU.

In early May, The construction of a floating LNG terminal in Alexandroupoli in northern Greece has officially started. The consortium for the construction of the terminal comprises of Gastrade, controlled by Copelouzos Group, (20 %), Gaslog (20 %), Greek Public Gas Corporation DEPA (20 %), now through DEPA Trade, Greek natural gas transmission system operator DESFA (20 %) and Bulgarian Energy Holding BEH through Bulgartransgaz (20 %).

All five investors agreed to cede 2 % of their stakes each so that North Macedonia could enter the project with 10 % stake.