Bulgaria, Country signed gas transmission agreement with Moldova

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Bulgarian natural gas transmission system operator Bulgartransgaz and Moldovan natural gas supplier Energocom have signed a cooperation agreement for access and transport of natural gas through Bulgartransgaz’ gas transmission system.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, who is in official visit to Moldova, said, after the meeting with his counterpart Maia Sandu, that Bulgaria and Moldova can respond to the challenges they face by cooperating with each other. According to him, Bulgaria has already achieved significant success in gas diversification, primarily by building interconnectors with its neighbors and shareholding in liquefied natural gas terminals. Bulgaria is now able to select suppliers from all over the world on the basis of price and security of supply. On the other hand, it has the Trans-Balkan pipeline, which provided natural gas from north to south, via Moldova, years ago. Now, through the reverse capabilities, Bulgaria can supply gas from south to north.

Sandu stressed that Moldova is in its worst energy crisis since its independence and welcomed the signing of the agreement for access and transportation of natural gas through the Bulgartransgaz’ gas transmission network. This is how, Moldova connects its national gas transmission network with other networks in central and southeastern Europe.