Bulgaria: Does Bulgaria need TPP Varna which belongs to CEZ?

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Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) considers that it is undisputed meaning of the TPP Varna for the safety and safe managing of the electricity system of the country, especially in the northeastern region of Bulgaria. TPP Varna is owned by CEZ.

At the same time responsibility for the ecologization of the fourth, fifth and sixth block in TPP Varna regarding standards of the new European framework for energy and climate until 2030 cannot be neglected in any way from Bulgaria, which represents  BEH,  the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) stated.

Installing of environmental equipment is obligation of TPP Varna in accordance with the directives 2001/80/EO EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE WORLD from 23rd  October 2001; the restriction of emissions of certain air pollutants which emit large, burning installations in TE Varna. So far this power plant is already supposed to install environmental installations of thermal power units. Thermal power plant is a 100% private commercial company whose management should fully and completely bear responsibility for the managing and future development of thermal power plant, which was the subject of privatization as far in 2006 .

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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