Bulgaria, Employers’ Association demands urgent decisions regarding energy compensations

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The Association of Bulgarian Employers’ Organizations (AOBR) has sent an open letter demanding an urgent decision by the outgoing Government to introduce compensations to businesses for the high electricity prices envisaged in the 2022 state budget update.

In its letter, AOBR states that the absence of such a decision hinders the signing of agreements between the Energy Ministry and electricity traders which means the price of electricity charged to non-household consumers will be without the expected compensation. The compensation is applicable to electricity prices above 125 euros/MWh.

The missing decision concerns the determination of additional contributions to the Electricity System Security Fund which in turn finances the compensations to non-household consumers in the period from July 2022 to December 2022.

AOBR warns that invoicing of electricity consumption by electricity traders starts on 1 August. These invoices will not have any compensations and the invoiced price will be many times above what is economically affordable. Thus, all Bulgarian enterprises and also public institutions such as hospitals, schools, theatres, among others, will have to pay for the political negligence of the ruling coalition.