Bulgaria: Gov negotiate electricity supply from AES & Contour Global TPPs

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Bulgaria hopes that by the end of March will again negotiate on the contract with AES Corporation and ContourGlobal to purchase electricity from thermal power plants AES Maritsa East 1 and ContourGlobal Maritsa 3, said from the office of Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova for Serbia Energy.

Under the agreement, which was signed more than a decade, the Bulgarian national energy company bought the electricity from two power plants at prices higher than the average market price paid to other manufacturers.

Energy regulator DKEVR requested a modification of the contract with these two power plants in May 2014th. AES owns the majority share in Maritsa East 1, while ContourGlobal is the majority shareholder in Maritsa East 3rd.

According to Petkova, the urgent measures to resolve the deficit in the National energy company are needed. The revision in the energy sector is underway and controls are implemented in all energy companies.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Energy, there have been negotiations with the AES Corporation and ContourGlobal in this moment.



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