Bulgaria: Increase in electricity production in 2014, RES wind and PV marked downward trend

, SEE Energy News

Bulgaria has produced 34.4 million MWh of electricity during January-october period which represents a 9.61 percent increase in comparison to the same period of 2013

Meanwhile domestic consumption has increased with merely 1.58 percent to 27.83 million MWh. Electricity exports mark a steep growth of 64.8 percent to 6.57 million MWh, confirmed national statistical office to Serbia Energy.

Baseload power plants have produced 14.3 percent more electricity amounting to 28.88 million MWh which is mostly due to the normalised production schedules after restrictions were imposed in spring 2013 due to very low levels of demand. Electricity system operator reported decrease in renewable energy production of 5.3% for units connected to the transmission grid and of 7.6% for those connected to the distribution grid.

Universally photovoltaic and wind generations mark a downward production trend, while biomass is on the rise, with production in units connected to the distribution grids having increased sevenfold from 3.6 million MWh to 28.5 million MWh. Hydropower stations have produced 11.4 percent less electricity over the period it was confirmed to Serbia Energy from ESO.

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