Bulgaria: Largest electricity theft in CEZ’ history

, SEE Energy News

Last week, electricity distribution company CEZ Distribution Bulgaria, a subsidiary of Czech CEZ, disclosed an illegal facility where dozens of computers were used to mine cryptocurrency powered by electricity stolen from the network. The Prosecutor’s Office and the Bulgarian Interior Ministry are continuing the investigation into the large theft of electricity in the Sofia village of Herakovo.

Local Prosecutor Plamen Petkov said that the offenders used over 500 computers to mine cryptocurrency, located in two halls, and the entire power supply was from the illegal connection to the network. No arrests have been made so far. The prosecution said they could not yet assess whether it was an organized crime group.

The exact amount of electricity consumed is not yet clear. However, Filip Yordanov from CEZ Distribution Bulgaria said that the consumption from the site per one hour was as much as what 4-5 households consume per month.