Bulgaria: Majority of commercial customers did not choose new electricity supplier following market liberalization

, SEE Energy News

Following the liberalization of this market segment on 1 October, only 12 % of small commercial customers in Bulgaria have signed contracts with new electricity supplier, while the rest will be supplied by CEZ, EVN or Energo-Pro. The reason for such low number of newly signed contract is the lack of campaign to inform this category of consumers about their rights and obligations. Also, large suppliers such as CEZ, EVN and Energo-Pro simplified the procedures for standardized contracts in an effort to retain more customers.

Over 400,000 such consumers did not sign new electricity supply contracts before 1 October and they will be supplied by aforementioned companies via standardized contracts. In general, electricity prices in these standardized contracts are slightly higher than market ones, but small commercial customers can freely switch to new supplier before June 2021. After that deadline they will be supplied by a supplier of last resort, at significantly higher prices.




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