Bulgaria: NPP Kozloduy unit 7 to be built with different technology in USA

, SEE Energy News

Bulgaria had already signed an agreement on the construction of unit 7 at NPP Kozloduy with US company Westinghouse, but the project was terminated in 2015, by the first Government led by Boyko Borisov.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said that the country will build unit 7 at nuclear power plant Kozloduy with completely different technology as the reactor will be made in the United States.

During an inspection of NPP Kozloduy, PM Borisov stated that thermal power plants and coal miners are not the only ones we should be thinking about, but also about the people working at the nuclear power plant. The Council of Ministers will make a decision so that the plant will continue to function at full capacity. He added that there has been an environmental impact assessment since February and Bulgaria is going to build unit 7 at NPP Kozloduy. Bulgaria is going to diversify its electricity sources, just as it did with natural gas, PM Borisov stressed.

Originally, NPP Kozloduy had six reactors, but four older 440 MW reactors were shut down in 2007 due to nuclear safety concern of the European Union. The plant currently operates two Soviet-built 1,000 MW reactors, unit 5 and unit 6 which were commissioned in 1987 and 1991 respectively.