Bulgaria: Parliament imposes fees to electricity traders and limit NEK purchase from RES producers

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Electricity importers have a new burden in their doing business in Bulgaria. Gov officials are trying to fill in energy security fund and aid NEK power utility with limiting the RES power purchase agreements with RES producers.

Electricity traders will have to pay 5% of their monthly revenues to the newly created Energy System Security Fund, PMs from the Bulgarian Parliamentary Committee for Energy voted.

Delian Dobrev, chairman of the Committee, commented for media representatives that the burden on imports should be minimal, as the power import quantities are “insignificant” – 44,000 megwatthours in 2014 and 37,000 megawatthours during the first half of 2015.

The Committee met extraordinarily to discuss amendments to Bulgaria’s Energy Act. The MPs also decided that the indebted National Electricity Company (NEK) will only buy a portion of all renewable electricity and high-efficiency CHP at feed-in tariffs.

The idea was not met with enthusiasm by Bulgarian RES producers who, two weeks ago, declared their readiness to challenge it in court. All the energy produced above the tailored threshold which the energy watchdog will set for each individual producer, will be sold to either NEK or another power trader at a negotiable price. , transmits serbia-energy.eu

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