Bulgaria: State owned TPP Maritsa East 2 to exit regulated market

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Energy regulator will not grant state owned TPP Maritsa east 2 price request, AES/Contour Global TPPs Maritza have granted PPA with state NEK.

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) does not foresee to grant the state-owned Maritsa East 2 TPP a settled availability for the regulated power market. The regulator said in a report that it will not thus approve the electricity and availability prices request of Maritsa East 2 for the period 1.07.2015 – 30.06.2016.

This is most likely due to the falling electricity consumption, as power suppliers have forcasted they would need 5.33% less electricity for the period, compared to the previous one. What is more, the public supplier (the National Electricity Company – NEK) has an obligation to buy the electricity produced by renewable energy installations, as well as the electricity from AES Maritsa East 1 TPP and ContourGloba Maritsa East 3 TPP which have PPAs. These producers however will not have an availability quota and will thus see certain quantities of their electricity bought by NEK, in accordance with the electricity required by the power suppliers, the regulator’s report stated.

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