Bulgarian RES voice against the shocking electricity prices

, SEE Energy News

The renewable energy surcharge, which is said to be a major reason for the 13% electricity price spike from July 1, is “unjustifiably high”, according to Nikola Gazdov, Chair of the Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association (BPA).

In a Thursday statement, he cautioned about a discrepancy of around BGN 70 M between the calculations of the BPA and the State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR) regarding the sum which the National Electric Company (NEK) was to pay for electricity generated by photovoltaic plants.

The BPA Chair asked where the money, which would be calculated into electricity bills, would go to, suggesting that the sum would be used to finance the national power utility.

Gazdov argued that scores of companies were planning to sue the state due to the rejected projects for photovoltaic plants.

He said that it was quite possible for the European Commission to launch an infringement procedure against Bulgaria for the same reason.

“What is happening now is a political chaos which will have consequences for the sector,” the BPA Chair stated.

He claimed that the explanation of the recent shock increase in electricity prices with the photovoltaics boom was “political chewing gum which both left-wingers and right wingers are trying to stick into their hair.”