Croatia: HEP ODS continues to invest in transformer stations reconstruction

, SEE Energy News

Croatian state-owned power utility HEP, namely its subsidiary for electricity distribution HEP ODS, has completed the works on the reconstruction of 35/10 (20) kV transformer station Trokut in Cako-vec, a project worth some 2.7 million euros.

Transformer station Trokut was built 50 years ago and covers about two-thirds of electricity needs in Medjimurje County. The works, which lasted for 18 months, were completely performed by local companies, led by Koncar-KET as the main con-tractor.

Assistant Director of HEP ODS Davor Sokac said on the occasion that HEP ODS has continuously invested and will continue to invest significant re-sources in the construction, reconstruction, reha-bilitation and upgrade of numerous energy facili-ties. In 2016 only, HEP ODS has invested almost 140 million euros and plans to continue the same level of investment in 2017. These investments are necessary in order to fulfill the mission to increase the reliability and quality of electricity sup-ply.

Last week, HEP ODS commissioned a new trans-former station in Slavonski Brod worth 1.3 million euros.

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