Canadian company Avala Resources, gold exploration investor in Serbian mining industry, reached a major discovery on research field Korkan

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Canadian Company Avala Rescourses which investigates mineral resources in eastern Serbia found out new mine reserves and with its processing can expect 30 tons of gold.

-It fully amounts 72 tons of gold with border content 0,6 grams per ton with already discovered reserves- said the Manager of the company Justin Van der Toorn after completion of final calculation.

According to his words, Avala is making great effort to reach the final goal – to “develop” new discovers to active mines.

-We are focused on technical and economical aspects which the mine project accomplishing depends on at the moment, and related to that the production of few studies, which explores best methods to ensure economical profitability of mine opening, is in progress, said Van der Toorn. He added that the new development presents big accomplishment for the research team of Avala and that “It clearly shows potentials for further accomplishments with modern and systematical approach to research”.

-Our further aim will be preparation of preliminary economic assessment, after which company can become production phase- stressed the expert. He indicated that Avala Resources should publish discovery of one more little resource on research field “Kraku Pester”, which is placed 3km south from “Biger Hill”.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine