EPS Board meeting: Government determined directions, the program of restructuring follows

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Members of administrative committee JP “Elektroprivreda Srbije” have met with Serbian Government’s conclusion, from 16 November, about determining the reorganization base of JP EPS yesterday. Mirjana Filipovic, Deputy Minister of Energy, Development and Environment participated the session that was leaded by Dr Aca Markovic, Board president.

-State as EPS owner, that is Government of Serbia, has determined the directions company should follow in next couple of years -explained Aleksandar Obradovic, Acting General Director of EPS.

-There are directions, bud not program reorganization as public has already speculated. Program is not obtained yet, and it will be done with assistance of expert advice organization, working groups and consultants. It will be a transparent management process with intention to bring EPS on organization road- said Obradovic. All information about number of employee decrease and activity subtraction is not correct. Serbian government determined with conclusion that EPS should start corporatization, to joint stock company, to follow the Energy Law rules and South East Europe Energy Community membership agreement.

According to this, liberalization of electricity market begins in Serbia on 1 January. It was determined that one public supplier and one distribution system operator will be established. They will do the job of public interest. Everything else in EPS becomes trade activity which supposes to allow better financial results.

Board members adopted the information about electricity balance execution for November, estimation for December, and overview for January. It has been discussed about production and distribution capacities also.

Board members delegated directors which have been acting directors in EPS corporate enterprises; “RB Kolubara”, EDB, “Elektrovojvodina”, “Elektrosrbija”, “Jugoistok”, also JP “Povrsinski kopovi Kosovo” and “Elektrosmet”, so far.

Board members have also chosen directors for PD ED branches. They have chosen Ilija Maravic for ED Subotica Branch Director, Zvonimir Milanovic for ED Novi Pazar Branch Director, and Dragan Marin for ED Ruma Branch Director. UO of EPS decided that Vladimir Dogandzic ED Uzice Branch Director and Zoran Nikolic, ED Valjevo Branch Director should continue to direct these branches with reference to earlier appointment decision.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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