Canadian company to construct 17MW three HPPs on Cehotina river in Republika Srpska

30. January 2013. / SEE Energy News

Canadian company “Reservoir Capital” got concession for construction of three small hydro power plants on Cehotina River in Rebublika Srpska. Authorities in Republic of Srpska gave 30 years concession to Company REV from Foca (subsidiary of Reservoir Capital).

Total power of circulating plants will amount 17,76 MW and expected electricity production will be 69,61 GWH yearly. It has to do with following facilities: SHPP “Luke” 4,85 MW strong, SHPP “Falovici” 9,262 MW strong and SHPP “Godijeno” 3,649 MW strong what Company ENCOS have done projects for.

Three HPPs are placed near Serbian border where the same company constructs HPP Brodrevo on Lim River, 59,1 MW strong, and therefore new network cables are being built in that area.

These lines will connect electricity systems from Rebublika Srpska and Serbia with electricity systems in Montenegro and Italy, over Adriatic Sea. Projects’ estimated value is about 48 million dollars.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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