Construction of new power generation units of TENT B3 and HE Bistrica priorities for Serbian energy ministry

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Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic declared that priorities in energy sector for 2013 will be B3 Block of Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla” in Obrenovac.

Minster added to priority list building of HE Bistrica and small hydro power plants in order to make Serbia energy secured country.

Minister Mihajlovic said that she wants to talk about signing the building of new objects contract, instead of signing comprehension memorandum in 2013, on press conference the last day of 2012.

“Next to TENT B3, priorities in energy area will be HE Bistrica and small power plants building, as well as Djerdap 3 discussions”, said Ms Mihajlovic.

Minister emphasized that it will enable Serbia to become energy ensured country, but it cannot happen at once.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine