Construction of the transmission line connecting the HPP Ulog still on hold

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The Office for appeals canceled a tender for the project documentation for the construction of 110 kV transmission lines Gacko – Nevesinje and 2×110 kV connecting transmission line for the hydro power plant (HPP) Ulog to 110 kV Gacko – Nevesinje lines. The estimated total contract value excluding VAT is 100,000 Eur.

From Electricity Transmission of BH they said that a reason for annulment was that companies which addressed the Office of Appeals stated that the criteria were too strict. It  says in the  tender that companies that apply must have experience in the implementation of these activities for at least five years, while according to the law it  is two to three years. “The idea was that if someone does not have a reference in the first two years, for example, they might have it in the third and fourth. However, the interpretation of the Office was that it must apply to all years”.

Preparation for the new tender is now ongoing so it should soon be announced.

Otherwise, a contract has been signed for the construction of this power plant four months ago, between representatives of EFT Group and a Chinese energy consortium (SINOHYDRO Corporation Ltd, Dongfang Electric and China Development Bank). According to the preliminary estimates the value of the hydro power plant Ulog will be around 60 million Euros, and it will have an installed capacity of 35 MW.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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