Croatia: Alpiq targets local and regional retail and wholesale market with Crodux

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Alpiq and Crodux gas company allied for electricity market development. Alpiq eyes regional expansion thru the partnership with Crodix in the wholesale and retail energy markets. Crodux became known after the take over of OMV gas stations in Croatia.

A new strong player has appeared on the electricity market in Croatia. Crodux has started selling electricity in a strategic partnership with the Swiss energy giant Alpiq. Their offer is extremely competitive, claims Crodux, because the contracts include maximum delivery flexibility and adjustments of the contractual terms to the needs of individual customers.

Electricity from Crodux can be bought by all segments and categories of electricity consumers in the Croatian market, and the partnership with Alpiq will be gradually expanded in the region as well.

The Crodux Plin company is a supplier of natural and liquefied petroleum gas, oil and oil products. With its entry to the electricity market, it is now expanding its activities with the support of Alpiq as a key and strategic partner and supplier.

“The role of Crodux Plin in this partnership is to cover the wholesale and retail segments with Alpiq, which is a renowned producer of electricity, as the supplier. Such a partnership is a classic example of cooperation between major manufacturers and suppliers in the wholesale and especially retail energy markets. We are competitive due to the fact that we are now selling electricity to all categories according to customer requirements, together with other energy resources which we are already selling”, explained Ivan Čermak, the general manager of Crodux Plin.

Alpiq is the leading Swiss energy company in the field of supply of electricity and the provision of services in the energy segment, and is turned primarily towards the European market. “In Croatia, Alpiq has been present for more than 12 years in the wholesale and transmission segments of electricity market, as well as the development of national investment projects. Alpiq employs over 8,000 employees with revenues of 8.1 billion Swiss francs in 2014. , transmits

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