Croatia: Ambitious greenfield energy projects CHP & HPP seek investors

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According to recently approved report on the implementation of the European investment plan in Croatia for the period between 25 September 2015 and 31 July 2016, Vis Viva project has been highlighted as one of two strategic projects published at the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP).

Vis Viva project involves the construction of gasfired cogeneration power plant Peruca, reversible pumped storage hydropower plant Vrdovo, connecting gas pipeline Dugopolje-Peruca and the transmission line Hrvace-Konjsko. It is a private enterprise owned by the project company MCC and the company ―Vrdovo reverzibilne hidroelektrane.

The aim of the portal is to connect the promoters of the projects with investors and it is active since June 2016. So far, about one hundred various projects have been published on the EIPP , among which are two Croatian projects with total estimated value of the investment over one billion euros. One of them is Vis Viva project, the potential greenfield investment in Split-Dalmatia County, which is currently in the stage of development of feasibility study, while private investor is looking for a strategic partner for this, almost one billion euros worth, investment. The development of environmental impact study should start this fall, while location permit is expected to be obtained in early 2017.

The gas-fired cogeneration power plant Peruca would have installed capacity of 450 MW of electricity and 50 MW of thermal power and would be located at the right bank of Peruca accumulation. The plant should provide a stable source of energy, and with consumed about 500 million cubic meters of gas per year it would ensure the profitability of the main gas pipeline through Dalmatia. The authors of the project consider that the location of reversible pumped storage HPP is very favorable. The existing accumulation has over 500 million cubic meters, while the plant would be located at an altitude of over 900 meters with 600 meters of altitude difference and new accumulation at Ravno Vrdovo valley should be built. It should have two units, which would have power output of 270 MW in turbine operation and 245 MW in pump operation. The entire system will be built underground, apart from the upper accumulation. In addition to gas-fired power plant, new gas pipeline from the hub in Dugopolje to Peruca should be built, as well as 400 kV transmission line between the transformer stations in Hrvace and Konjsko.

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