Croatia: Company from Karlovac commissioned SPP and plans new solar facilities

, SEE Energy News

Pivac Group is the owner of Croatian meat processing company PPK from Karlovac which has commissioned 1.2 MW solar power plant that will produce electricity for its own consumption.

The statement from the company said that the construction of the plant cost around 950,000 euros, half of which was covered by the grants received from the Ministry of Agriculture. The rooftop plant stretches over 7,500 square meters and is expected to produce around 1.2 GWh of electricity annually, enough to cover 11 % of PPK’s total consumption. The company expects return on investment period of 5.2 years.

Pivac Group, is planning to build more solar facilities at its other meat processing units, namely 2 MW rooftop facility at Vrgorec and 1 MW facility at Vajda.

The project was implemented in partnership with HEP ESCO, the energy service unit of state-owned power utility HEP. This is first project within the HEP EE Solar Plus program, related to investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for industrial buildings.