Croatia: Crodux progress with its planed 600MW CHP power plant

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Crodux energy company obtained the location permit for its Osijek based 600MW CHP power plant.

Ivan Čermak’s company Crodux could soon (or finally) start carrying out one of the biggest private investments in the Croatian energy sector – the construction of a gas thermal power plant in Slavonski Brod with the capacity of 600 MW and the worth of 450 million euros.

Namely, this company has won the judgment in the Administrative Court in Osijek related to the location permit, because of which the project got stuck. In Crodux, they say that the judgment has opened new project development options. They just briefly stress that the project continues and that the final investment decision is expected soon. For now, they do not go into further details about it.

As a reminder, after the Environmental Impact Study was finished and underwent public hearing, the precondition was created for obtaining a location permit. However, the requirements of the Ministry of Construction slowed down, i.e. halted, the project implementation because, in the location permit, the issuance of a building permit for the thermal power plant was conditioned by the use permit for the connecting long distance line.

At one point, in Crodux, they emphasized that this was contrary to the Croatian regulations and that such requirements were not prescribed in the location permit for any energy production building. Because of this, Crodux could not start the construction planned for the beginning of 2014 and, at the beginning of the same year, they filed a lawsuit in the Administrative Court in Osijek, which they have finally won.

The thermal power plant will be located within the territory of the Slavonski Brod Port Authority, and the construction of a bioethanol producing factory has also been planned along with it. According to estimates, the plant construction could bring jobs for more than eight hundred people, and once the power plant is finished, some thirty people will be employed, transmits