Croatia, Day-ahead price increase by 11%, to 219.4 euros per MWh in November

, SEE Energy News

The total volume of trade on the Croatian electricity exchange in November 2022 was 630,060 MWh, the operator of the CROPEX exchange announced.

Of this, 548,834 MWh were traded on the day-ahead market, and the average price for base load at CROPEX DAM in November was 219.42 euros per MWh, which is 11.5% more compared to the previous month (196.81 euro per MWh).

The average price for peak load was 257.7 euros per MWh.

The intraday trading volume on the market was 83,226 MWh, and the average weighted price on the CROPEX IDM was 220.36 euros per MWh in November, which is 11.4% more than in October (197.74 euros per MWh).

27 members participated in the day-ahead market in November 2022, of which 22 also traded on the intraday market, according to the CROPEX monthly report.