Croatia: Electricity imports dependency

, SEE Energy News

Croatia is an importer of electricity and coal. According to the data of the HEP Supply, last year, 43 percent of electricity was generated in hydro power plants, thermal power plants covered 21, the nuclear power plant Krško 13, whereas 19 percent of electricity was provided through import.

The smallest share, only 3.6 percent, belongs to the renewable energy resources – the solar and wind power plants.

In 2012, Croatia imported 1.3 million tons of coal. More than three quarters of the imported coal are used in the TPP Plomin, with the capacity of 355 megawatts, the owner of which is the HEP, and the co-owner of the block B is the RWE.

One of the priorities of the Croatian Government is the construction of the block C, with the capacity of 500 megawatts. Plomin C will cover 25 percent of the country’s needs for electricity, it will contribute to the creation of new workplaces and reduce the dependence on electricity import. This has been the largest project in Croatia within the last 30 years, considering that its estimated worth is 800 million euros.

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