Croatia: Energy company HEP seeks again partners for wind energy projects

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HEP has again published a notice of expression of interest for the development of wind energy projects in Croatia, and search for potential associative partners. Projects included in the list for connection to the electricity grid are eligible for partnership, and those who have a signed contract to purchase electricity from HROTE under the Tariff System for the promotion of electricity from RESC (63/2012.).

HEP has also issued a notice to the partnership in wind energy projects last summer, and we have not received an official response to our inquiry about the outcome of the call. Unofficially, you could hear that the criteria of the call were too strict, because they were looking for projects that are entered in the quota of HOPS, and there are not many. However, we unofficially found out that HEP has received several applications this summer that are in process, including the potential collaboration with KONČAR at WPP Pometeno hill.

The new publication states that the potential partner may be expected to reduce operating costs, the partnership approach to HEP resources and effective management of market risks after the expiry of the incentive price. Since this time can apply also those investors who are on the list for the connection, but they did not make the quota, we can expect much higher interest. All eyes of the sector were directed to for a long time in the HOPS and many aspire to increase the already “tight” quotas.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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