Croatia exclusive: HEP lost 15% of the market share against the competitive power traders

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Croatia Electric Power Industry HEP lost almost 15% of the total market as the dominant electricity supplier, said the director of HROTE Ivor Zupanic. According to data from September, HEP Supply currently holds 46.39% of the market, which took precedence OF HEP-ODS-A for the first time, which holds 39.36% of the market.

In total, HEP these companies have a 85.75% market share, while “alternative suppliers” hold 14.25% of the market. The process of the market opening has more dynamics because “alternatives” held 6.3% market share in September 2013th. The largest market share among these suppliers has Gen-I (6.07%), followed by RWE Energy (4.52%), Proenergy (2.32%), NOX group (0.56%) and Croatian Telekom 0, 39% of the total market.

Zupanic also stated interesting information about the state of the natural gas market, showing that Prirodni plin as the dominant supplier has recently lost a substantial part of the market share. According to data by the end of September this year, Prirodni plin held 51.39% of the total market, while the first competitor, Prvo plinarsko drustvo took a 34.3% of market share. The next is HEP Opskrba of gas with 6.85% market share, Crodux plin with 2.59%, Vetropack with 1.81% and GPZ Opskrba by 1.57%. The share of domestic gas at the market was only 52% last year, Županić says that the data for this year will be similar.

So far HROTE has signed 1020 contract with the energy suppliers from renewable sources, and currently there are 336 MV from RES on the “network”. “15 wind farms of 297 MV and 30.3 MV of solar power are on the network. In total, 586 MEUR has been invested so far in renewable energy in Croatia “, noted Zupanic. HROTE entered into contracts for 318 projects of 522 MV, who are not online yet. Of these, contracts for 13 wind power projects with power of 437.7 MV and 272 solar power project of 25 MW have been concluded.

Zupanic pointed out that if indeed came to these projects realization it would have taken a year or two to think about correcting the fees for OIE paid by the citizens. In the first nine months this company has raised funds in the amount of 71 MEUR and it has paid 52 MEUR. “We were afraid in January this year that we will not have funds to pay fees for producers, but now we are the only country in the region that is not creditworthy into debt to pay incentives. I repeat again, resources are not unlimited. Citizens annually allocate 7, 8 MEUR for RES, Slovenians 5 EUR per month, the Germans 35 euros per month”, said Zupanic.

He announced that the company would soon launch an electricity stock exchange, and at the beginning of next year should begin to issue a certificate for electricity guarantee.

About the projects of Plinacro spoke Vladimir Djurovic, who as vital company’s projects mentioned construction of compressor stations, which are a prerequisite for the gas export from Serbia in the case of realization of the Ionian-Adriatic pipeline (IAP) and the construction of an LNG terminal on the island. In addition, essential are interconnections with Slovenia and preparations for the construction of a gas pipeline IAP. In general, the future of Plinacro, which has 95% of the territory covered by the gas network, will be in regional and trans regional connection. Djurovic said that they would go into the construction of the gas storage for peak load in the Grubisno field, which will increase the supply security in synergy with existing gas storage in Okoli.

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