Croatia: Green NGOs start opposition campaign against oil exploration concessions in Adriatic

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The Green action and the national network of associations for ecology Green Forum, consider as unacceptable the intention of the Croatian Government to sign contracts with concessionaires for the exploration and exploitation of oil in the Adriatic.

Croatia’s planned share in the potential revenue from hydrocarbons’ exploitation is 55%, which is suspiciously smaller compared to, for example, 80% in Norway, or 65-70% of the planned stake in Montenegro.

“Such a small share in the distribution of planned profit represents the unacceptable favoring of concessionaires which raises suspicion of corruption and reminds us about previous onerous contracts, which is why we have great detriments today. Croatian public has the right to be suspicious, so we require a thorough investigation and review of proposed decisions and drafts of contracts. Who made the decision, and based on what criteria that exactly 55% of revenue share is the best option for Croatia? “ stated Toni Vidan, head of the Green Action’s energy program.

According to his words, the problematic is also the whole idea of endangering of Croatian Adriatic as the Croatian most valuable natural resource, so even 100% of revenue share would be unacceptable.

The Greens believe that the public tender was initiated without the necessary preparation and in terms of the unpreparedness of institutions for the project of such scope. Consequently, there is a clear risk of the conclusion of onerous concession contracts, from the economic and environmental point of view.

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