Croatia: HEP confirm its leading position after taking over PPD’s gas supply and distribution business

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HEP has taken over gas supply and distribution segment of Prvo Plinarsko Drustvo (PPD), after last year’s takeover of local gas distributor Plin Vtc, state-owned power utility .
HEP’s gas subsidiary HEP Plin has signed contracts with Energija Naturalis on the acquisition of stakes in tow companies within PPD group – those related to gas distribution and gas supply. Total value of the acquisition is 10 million euros, which includes 702 kilometers of gas distribution network and the supply of 10,800 customers.
With this acquisition, HEP Plin confirmed its position as one of the leading gas distributors and suppliers in Croatia, as it now supplies a total of 93,000 customers and operates 3,880 kilometers of gas distribution network in the country.
PPD operates 702 kilometers of gas distribution network in Vukovar-Srijem county and supplies 10,800 customers of which 10,240 are households. In the past four years, the company supplied around 130 million cubic meters of gas per year on average.
According to HEP, its gas subsidiary plans to continue with the acquisitions of local gas distributors, especially those owned by the local government. Its long-term plans are focused on building an additional gas network and introducing new technical solutions such as remote sensing and smart meters, providing the basis for further customer growth, distributed gas volumes and improved service quality.

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