Croatia: HEP Power utility against Green NGOs, TPP Plomin C is economically and environmentally clean

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Croatian Electric Power Company (HEP) has rejected claims as unfounded the accusations of Greenpeace representatives that there would be a range of harmful concessionsin agreement with a strategic partner for power plant Plomin C and said that this project “is not a dirty job, but honest, environmentally acceptable and economically justifiable business for HEP, consumers, the local community, the Croatian economy and the budget”.

“At the unfounded announcements of the Greenpeace representatives that there will be a range of harmful concessions in agreement with a strategic partner for power plant Plomin C, we say that HEP will enter into a contract that will be in the interests both of HEP and Croatian citizens”, says HEPin the press release after the Greenpeace activists have set up todaya 30-meter banner with the message “Coal is dirty work” in the Plomin bay where it plans to build power plant Plomin C.

In the press release states that at the end of September should be completed evaluation of the bids of the three bidders, which provides an analysis of the technical and financial bidelements and it will be concluded with nomination of a preferred bidder in early October of 2014th.

“In order to ensure a better quality of the negotiation process, we have ensured usual standard of confidentiality for such actions for all bidders, and we have guaranteed equality of bargaining interests of all bidders, in this period we cannot disclose details of the bidders, offers or negotiated procedureeven to HEP. Because we can confirm once again that they received a binding offer in the technical part, which guarantees efficiency of the power plant and the measures and standards implementation required to minimize the impact on the environment”, say in HEP.

At the same time it expresses regret “that Greenpeace constantly, without the scientific and technological bases antagonizes TPP Plomin C with wind and photovoltaic power plants”. He points out that these energy sources are not comparable because, it is said, “wind and solar power plants work only when there is wind or sun, and thebasic power plant as Plomin C, is able to continuously produce electricity”.

“So, Plomin C and renewables are not opposed but compatible energy sources “,HEP says.

It is also noted that “it does not obstruct, rather develops the power plants projects that use all the available renewable energy sources, including the sun for whose use Greenpeaceadvocates” and stated that this year the company has “nine solar power plants installed in their buildings”.

“We want renewable energy and Croatiais rich in it “, said a Greenpeacerepresentative in a statement. It would be fair that on this occasion he informed the Croatian public about real Croatiause of renewable sources in electricity production. According to official data of the EU (Eurostat), in 2012thCroatia was on the sixth place among EU countries by the share of electricity from renewable energy generation to consumption. Moreover, the share of renewable energy sources and hydropower plants in HEP productionin 2013thwas up 75 percent”, say HEPamong other things.