Croatia, HEP’s Cres solar project still in limbo

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The 6.5 MW solar power plant on the island of Cres, a project worth some 5.5 million euros, was supposed to be the largest solar power plant in Croatia. The founding stone was laid almost two years ago, but the construction of the plant has not yet started.

The two-year delay is caused by the depute between the investor – state-owned power utility HEP and a contractor – a consortium consisting of PVI Solar, PVI GmbH, Intecco and Deling. Solar panels for the plant have already been manufactured and the contractor has to install them and connect the plant to the network. The plant was supposed to be operational by the end of 2020, however, it is still unclear whether it will be completed at all.

The Cres solar power plant at the Orlec-Trinket location has the installed capacity of 6,5 MW and estimated annual generation of 8.5 GWh, enough to meet the needs of about 2,500 island households. It is supposed to ensure a stable supply of electricity and increase the energy self- sufficiency of Cres and Losinj islands, particularly in periods of increased consumption brought on by the tourist season.

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