Croatia, HOPS recently adopted 10-year development plan of electricity transmission network

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The management of Croatian electricity transmission system operator HOPS recently adopted 10-year (2022-2031) development plan
of Croatia‟s electricity transmission network, with detailed elaboration of the initial one-year and 3- years periods.

In the development of the plan, the strategic determinants are based on ensuring the long-term ability of the system to meet the expected needs for electricity transmission and a secure, reliable and efficient transmission system, taking into account environmental protection and close cooperation with neighboring system operators. Thus, HOPS will plan long-term investments with the aim of providing security of supply to customers in Croatia. Then, it will create preconditions for green energy transition through the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which will enable the transition of the Croatian energy sector to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating low-carbon development.

Also, in the next decade, the goal is to achieve satisfactory availability and sufficiency of the Croatian transmission network for the smooth
operation of all participants in the electricity market (producers, traders and suppliers), as well as enabling new customers to connect to the
transmission network under equal, transparent and non-discriminatory conditions. The plan is also harmonized with the ten-year development plan of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).

In addition, HOPS intends to work with neighboring operators to develop and implement advanced systems that increase the benefits of companies within the EU and operate on the basis of positive business processes in order to create the preconditions for long-term positive business, with the prerequisites for effective management and transmission system development.

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