Croatia: INA oil company plans 350MEUR modernization cycle; waste materials coking facility, bidders Foster Wheeler, Bechtel and CBA

29. July 2013. / SEE Energy News

Oil company INA started negotiations for license issuance and basic design of waste material coking facility. This will realize long expected second phase of Rijeka Refinery modernization. Three respectable international companies Foster Wheeler, Bechtel and CBA with whom INA intends to make a contract with, according to the announcement of Administration Member Ivan Kresic and Executive Director for Refineries and Marketing Arthur Thernesz.

They will need 8 more months for making a plan and designing a new facility after they choose a partner and then they will be able to look for heavy waste procession facility performer- DCU (Delayed Coking Unit)
On condition everything goes smoothly and without new prolonging, the second phase of Rijeka’s Refinery modernization would be over for almost three and a half year and it would cost between 350 and 400 million EUR, according to the current estimations.

Both Kresic and Thernesz stress that this facility for procession of heavy waste is absolutely necessary for further business of Rijeka’s Refinery in order to remain competitive and so avoid a destiny of 10 refinery facilities in EU that had to close its doors because of reduced purchase, low income, stronger and stronger competition with lower operation expenses in Asia and Middle East. Except for commercial side of story, elimination of heavy waste from production process in refineries becomes more and more ecology necessity.

Source; INA/Serbia Energy See desk

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