Croatia, INA prepares to introduce hydrogen

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Hydrogen is a fuel that should play a significant role in the future energy system, 100 % based on renewable energy sources.

The EU has adopted the Hydrogen Strategy, which aims to create the conditions for mass hydrogen use. The strategy envisages by 2030 investments for the construction of 40 GW electrolyzers, additional capacity of solar and wind power plants to produce electricity for these electrolyzers, and investments in hydrogen transport, storage and distribution, including hydrogen filling stations, in the amount of 309 to 447 billion euros.

Furthermore, hydrogen provides the ability to store large amounts of energy in the long run (several days to several months) and there may have an advantage over batteries to store excess energy from solar systems.

In February this year, the Croatian Government adopted a decision on initiating the process of drafting the Croatian Hydrogen Strategy from 2021 to 2050, and the drafting of the proposal is currently in progress.

Tomo Galic from Croatian oil company INA said that the company is already working on preparations for using hydrogen in the transportation sector. The role of hydrogen in Croatia’s energy transition could be significant as it increases the use and integration of renewable energy sources, serves as an energy storage, helps decarbonize transport and industry. Thus, INA sees hydrogen as an opportunity, because due to environmental concerns there will certainly be a reduction in demand for diesel fuels and in that sense is looking how to offer alternative renewable fuel, i.e. hydrogen.