Croatia, INA’s Drava 2 exploration license extended by six months

, SEE Energy News

The Croatian Government adopted a decision on the extension of the license for hydrocarbon exploration in Drava 2 block awarded to oil company INA in June 2016.

Initially, the first exploration phase expired in June 2019, but due to property issues related to location permit for the exploratory wells, the license was extended until 10 December 2021.

INA drilled two exploratory wells within Drava 2 block and informed the Croatian Hydrocarbon agency (HZU) that it found no oil or gas there. However, INA also found two commercially viable deposits within the block, at Severovci and Jankovac localities in Koprivnica-Krizevci county and expressed interest in obtaining hydrocarbon exploitation license for the two localities.

Therefore, the Government decided to extend the second exploratory phase by another six months.

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