Croatia, KOER announced that it has signed a contract with HOPS

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Tech company KOER announced that it has signed a contract with Croatian electricity transmission system operator HOPS and launch the country’s first virtual power plant.

According to the needs of the modern Croatian electricity system and the possibilities of developing the electricity market in Croatia, KOER
has developed the necessary hardware and software infrastructure. With the launch of the first virtual power plant, the company has also
become a new factor in the electricity market – an aggregator that represents a link between the electricity market and the end users who make up the virtual power plant.

Unlike a classic power plant located in one place within the power system to which it is connected, the virtual power plant, through its technological platform, unites producers, consumers and electricity storage facilities that can be located anywhere within the Croatian electricity system.

Virtual power plants provide everyone involved with the opportunity to achieve multiple benefits. It enables end users, who make available a part of their electricity production or consumption capacity, to become active participants in the electricity market, and through that they generate additional income. At the same time, it provides ancillary services to the Croatian transmission system operator, with the aim of optimal management and balancing of energy production and consumption in the electricity system.