Croatia, Ministry launched public calls for 250 MW in wind and solar projects

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Last week, the Croatian Ministry of Economy and sustainable Development has launched public calls for issuing approvals for the construction of 14 solar power plants and one wind farm with total installed capacity of 250 MW.

These are the projects that applied for approval in January 2022, which are in advanced stage of development and most of them have already performed the environmental assessment impact studies.

The combined installed capacity of 14 solar projects is 178.7 MW, the largest of which is 45 MW solar power plant Sutina, developed by local company Encro and 35 MW solar power plant Katuni, developed by Maceria Energija.

The only wind farm is 72 MW project Bradarica Kosa, developed by state-owned power utility HEP.

The investors which receive an energy approval are obliged to pay the state 6.6 euros per kW of planned capacity.

State Secretary at the Ministry Ivo Milatic said that 700 MW of energy approvals were issued last year, with another 125 MW already issued in 2023. According to him, the goal is to reach 1,400 MW in new installed capacity in renewable energy by 2024.

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