Croatia: Norway Spectrum got Jadran oil map “on a platter”

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Norwegian company received from the State of Croatia present “oil map” of the Adriatic. Confidential information firstly obtained for free, and then started their sale.Detailed information about where the oil is located in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia, without any compensation, ceded to Norway’s “Spectrum “.These are the results of research that company INA has been implemented for years, and it would cost more than a billion EUR.

The Norwegians, who should further investigate where oil exploitation is still possible in the Adriatic, received these confidential information “on a plate”, completely free. They did not pay even one euro for insight into this national treasure, and to make things even more interesting, they apparently already begin to sell data to interested oil companies.

By the way, Norwegian “Spectrum” won the right to explore the Croatian part of the Adriatic without any competition, which passed almost unnoticed in the general economic chaos in Croatia. Only the Green reacted indicating that number of laws were not respected, while politicians just were saying that by this move Croatia had conditions to become “little Norway” .

In order to open“Spectrum ” way towards confidential information and possibility to explore what has left of the Adriatic, the crowning argument was that the seabed was still unexplored and that there was no real data . However at the same time the public fussed over billions of dollars, close at hand, and thought it was necessary only to carry out the preparatory works and oil drilling would begin.

Most experts say that research conducted by INA proved Adriatic had no such potential to turn into a golden hen, especially when it comes to oil. For gas, the situation is more favorable, but researches, carried out so far, have been more solid and detailed than the Norwegians do now.

The dream of an easy Croats’ life when Jadran turns into a big bore; it is only one of the policy spins. Not much will come of it, because the greater exploitation would endanger alsotourism, of which Croatia largely lives today.

“Every drilling exaggeration for gas and oil would be disastrous for the Adriatic”, say experts.

Adriatic research conducted by the Norwegians is illegal and it will be the biggest scandal in Croatia, said Bozo Mikus, president of the union of the oil industry. In recent days it has been noticed a large number of dead turtles as a result of seismic studies of the Adriatic.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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